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icon options

Thanks about the GOTD! :)

It would be great to have options where to put the desktop icons, or if they should be installed, with the option to do it to all, or asked, and the option to have system icons on the desktop, or which ones and where, on the desktop or a map by choice.

So, adding a map is wishful, but WHERE too (goes about the other maps too I think), so when having them installed anyway, They could be installed in that map and when the user likes to, she/he could have a look there.

So, it would be great to have maybe two the same named maps ad different drives, or whatever you can think of.
I don't know if it will be asked or not, when going to install a program or whatever, if not asked before installing, it should be I guess.

PS: Happy Holidays & Best Wishes 2020! :)

USER , 02.01.2020, 02:14
Idea status: under consideration


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